Download Raw Data Feed

potato 5 years ago updated by jtomason 5 years ago 1

I am lucky enough to live in a town that is hosted by a municipal light department. They are independent of large commercial utilities, a non-profit and extremely progressive. I've developed a relationship with them and they would like to get access to details in my driving and charging stats. 

I don't want to suggest cluttering up the TeslaFi user interface with a bunch of custom requests for "one-off" use cases like this and, in this case, I could do what I'd like with simply downloading the raw data feed. Aside from the download capability, it provides all the features I would need (e.g. define the needed fields).

I'll note that this use case, although probably not needed by many users, could be highly leveragable in applications where broad planning by entities like utilities.

I would like the ability to do this as well so that I can do analysis on the collected data.  It would also be useful in court cases (i.e. I was clocked doing 55 in a 40, but the car recorded that I was only doing 45).