Ability to specify half hour on custom charging schedule?

jrothlis 5 years ago updated by Wismgari 5 years ago 2

Hi, I am with Octopus Energy in the UK, and they have a plan that gives much cheaper rates from 00:30 to 4:30 -- is there way to specify these half-hour start-stop times in the custom pricing schedule?


I just switched to Octopus GO which is the plan described above and so would really appreciate a half hour Interval for the time setting. My charges will often, especially in winter, run past 4:30 and so would like to know the split between cheap rate and normal rate for budgeting.

Thanks in advance (Hope this feature gets approved)


Same plan here, cheap rate kicks in at 00:30 and lasts until 04:30.

As a side note to TeslaFi devs, UK smart meters measure electricity usage in 30 minute intervals -  that's not a specific supplier thing, that's all suppliers in the country. They all have the option of per half hour tariff schemes and there are a growing number of plans here that make use of this as a result!

The work around I have at the moment is to have TeslaFi setup with a schedule for home charging to...

Stop at 00:00, Start at 00:30, Stop at 04:30

Then have the custom pricing set between 5am -> midnight as the standard rate, midnight to 5am as the cheap rate.

Standard charge is just the 4 hours overnight, solidly in the TeslaFi custom pricing cheap rate. If I ever arrive at home with low SoC I can start it charging in the evening (ie just before bed to get the extra few hours of charging in that's needed). The stop charging at 00:00 separates the charging into two distinct blocks so I don't need to fudge about with what it actually cost me etc. Obvious downside is that annoying half hour gap in the middle to account for TeslaFi not being able to adjust it's pricing for that period where the battery starts to cool down.