Bug: Longest drives seems incorrect

Ramon Smits 5 years ago updated by JamesKlafehn 5 years ago 1

Looking at https://teslafi.com/top.php but these seems incorrect. For example, take https://teslafi.com/top.php?sort=100 and take the longest drive:

664 kilometers in 2 hours and 26 minutes at 129 wh/km with 85.57kWh used with an average speed of 106 (km/h??).

But just taking the distance and the and time gives 272.9km/h which is already incorrect.

85.75kWh / 129wh/km = 664km so those values are aligned.

So what is wrong here? It is impossible to travel at 272.9km/h and only consume 129wh/km

I really want to set a record tomorrow but Im nervous that recording of it will get messed up. Its a lot of time to dedicate to not have it recorded.