"Current Power" charge notification

dramces 5 years ago updated by FALCONU 3 years ago 3


I would like to know when my charge power is less than a value. For example, I would like to be noticed if during my charge session, the power is less than 6KW or 25A.
Should be great because sometimes my Tesla start charging at 16A instead of 32A for no reasons...
Tks a lot and sorry for my poor English language.


Thanks for your comment. 

In fact I need this information because, at my work, they lower the amp of the stalls (16A >6A) for no reason, once a day on rondom hours. 

Manual restart of the charge solve the problem. With a notification I would be aware when it happens and react faster. 


Ulric s

If you happen to have this issue with a Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connector, there is a common issue with these charging at half the amperage they are set to.  Some of the earlier units have temperature control issues, so as a failsafe, they start charging at half the set rate.  If you happen to look at the charger during the reduced rate charging, it will display the usual green lights but also blink red lights three times.  I had this with mine, often charging at 24A instead of 48A. I found out the hard way when leaving for a road trip and my car, using scheduled departure, wasn't at the target charge state when it was time to leave.

I contacted Tesla about the issue, and after some troubleshooting, downloading a new firmware to the charger, and emailing other suggestions back and forth, they eventually sent me a replacement wall connector.  I haven't seen these issues with this new unit yet (also a Gen 3).

If this is what you are experiencing, it's worth reaching out to the Tesla home charging support team to see if they can get this resolved for you.  If it isn't the charger causing the issue, it could also be a problem with the electrical installation itself, which also needs to be addressed.  Hope that helps!


I need This too