Add graphs to drive sessions

James 7 years ago updated by bikeandsail 7 years ago 12

Add a visual graph to each drive session.

Wonderful feature thankyou


I'll continue to look into the elevation data and other feature request.

I changed the charging graphs to the same format as the driving graphs.

Great feature! I especially like the mouse over. Can we have that for the charging graphs, too? I often find them hard to use, because it's so much information and sometimes the lines are to hard to hit with the mouse to get their values.

Elevation would be a good addition.


I've added a graph for the drive data for all users. Please let me know any comments or suggestions.

Awesome! It also should be nice to include this request in the graph (http://support.teslafi.com/topics/53-clicking-on-a-row-in-data-table-should-plot-the-rows-latlong-on-the-map/) to see where the car was when it was going at a given speed. Also including elevation in the graph would be nice (http://support.teslafi.com/topics/38-refactor-elevation-logging/)

Hi, I am also interested in beta testing this

I would be interested in beta testing this

Hi, I added you to the beta forum.

Hi, I am also interested in beta testing this.

It also would be nice to have an Odometer History graph to see the evolution of miles/km over time just like EVTripping Daily Log Charts

Hi. I added you to the beta forum which can be found be selecting the forum at the very top of the page while on support.teslafi.com. I also added you to the beta users group so you should see the drive session charts.

This feature is currently being beta tested.