In sleep goïng times.

Robipad 5 years ago 0

I noticed 3 different times before the car (model 3 ) goes asleep. (Set sleep attempt 12 minutes and Idle before 1 minute)

1. Waking the car up and letting it sleep again takes ca 12 minutes.

2. Parking the car may takes mostly ca 41 - 43 minutes. But sometimes also only 12 minutes.

3. Parking the car at home takes always 2 hours and a few minutes.


1. Why takes home parking always 2 hours? 

2. If parking takes sometimes only 12 minutes that are the only times that the Shift State shows "P". In most other situations the Shift State starts with "none".  So why is there a difference ( or what is the difference) in returning "none" and "P" for the Shift State? I should always expect "P" but is mostly it shows "none" when park my car.