Not a bug

World map shows inaccurate/lined-up locations?

floatplane99 5 years ago updated by James 5 years ago 1

When zooming in to a small area of the "World Map"  (https://teslafi.com/worldmap.php) I see all the pins are basically lined up with each other both vertically and horizontally (by latitude and by longitude if you prefer).  I thought this map was supposed to show the reported home locations of all the Teslafi users so that we can see where it is popular down to the neighborhood. 

  1. Is the layout a feature or a bug?
  2. If we have to have only an approximate lication, can we make it a little finer scale?  I see people living in the water around me!
  3. If they are grouped can we get the pins to indicate how many users are represented by that pin or provide a heat map type display?
    Not a bug

    Latitude and longitude is limited to one decimal point for privacy/security.

    The bottom of the page reads as below:

    Live map accuracy is greatly reduced for privacy reasons. Accuracy is limited to within 7 miles or 11 kilometers of the actual location. An opt-out is available in Settings->Account->Preferences->Leaderboard.

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