How to prevent charging upon plugging in for scheduled charge later

ikeprof 5 years ago updated by ajclarkin 4 years ago 1

Currently when I arrive home, I plug my car in and have it set to start charging at 5:00 AM, having estimated the time it will take to get to my desired SOC before I leave for work.

I want to use the TeslaFi schedules though.  

If I turn off scheduled charging in the car itself, then it wants to start charging immediately upon plugging it in at home.  I have to hit "stop charging" on the screen each time.

Is there a way to do this via schedules or am I missing something

I currently am trying an idea where I schedule a "set charge limit" to 50% at 4:00 PM (during which time I should be driving home), then raising the charge limit to 90% at 5:00 AM along with a start charging command 1 minute later.

Is that a good way to do it or did I overlook something obvious?


@ikeprof Did you ever find a solution to this?