Polling interval not fast enough when driving

andyfox 5 years ago 0


Just in the middle of my trial of TeslaFi, and have been comparing it against Teslastics. 

During a drive yesterday, I noticed that TeslaFi had missed some data which Teslastics captured. 

It seems like Teslastics is actually more accurate at capturing what really happened in a drive. I've attached two screenshots showing a drive I did yesterday afternoon. In that drive, there are two bursts of acceleration as I entered a short stretch of dual carriageway, then turned around at the bottom and returned in the other direction. Teslastics captures this accurately, whereas TeslaFi is completely missing part of the run.

The outward run is at 17:40:30 and the return is at 17:42:00. 

From what I can see, Teslastics appears to be polling the API three times a minute during a drive, compared to just once a minute for TeslaFi. 

I've seen mention of fast polling in TeslaFi in another thread, but I can't seem to find anywhere to switch it on. 

Has this feature been added now? 



Image 1312

Image 1311