Ability to edit electricity price on a per charge record basis

andyfox 5 years ago 0

This request is an extension of the feature request to add support for peak/off-peak pricing when charging. 

In the UK, my current provider charges 14.29 pence per kW from 0430-0000 and then 5 pence per kW from 0000-0430. 

Right now, I'm deliberately limiting my charging to the off-peak hours to ensure that my costings in TeslaFi remain accurate. 

However, there was a time when I first started using TeslaFi where my all day rate was 15.29 pence per kW. When I updated the price in settings, all of the charge records at this higher price were modified too, so I've lost accuracy in my costings. 

It would be great if it was possible to manually edit the per kW cost for each charging session to account for this situation. 

In addition, supercharging in the UK appears not to follow the same structure as elsewhere. TeslaFi allows for multiple supercharger rates, but only for 60kW or less, or above 60kW. This pricing structure is not used in the UK. Right now, we have a typical rate of 24 pence per kW (which covers most superchargers), but some are now priced at 25 pence per kW and those in very high traffic areas are charged at 26 pence per kW. These prices do not depend on the charge rate, but on location. 

In order to ensure that supercharger costs are also tracked accurately, it would be great if we could have per location pricing values, or the ability to manually edit a supercharger session cost to reflect pricing that is higher than the standard.