V10 features (windows, defrost, etc)

lawrencem10 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

Good evening.  Will the TeslaFi website live controls be updated to use the features coming out with V10?  I believe the windows and defrost are in the API now and are of great interest to me. I do not have LTE or WiFi in my office at work. So I rely on the TeslaFi website live controls and schedule to get my car ready to go home.


Regarding the windows, the API requires location to be sent with the command. Presumably so you can't be rolling your windows up and down from far far away for whatever reason. The way I and several others have gotten around that with scripting is to retrieve the vehicles location, then send that location back with the command for the windows.  Hopefully that can be done through TeslaFi as well.

I see that Max defrost has been added to the controls and schedules which is great. Would it be possible when scheduling to have a temperature condition? i.e. Schedule max defrost when temperature is below X. This would be great so you can only do this when temp is below 0 for example.


I second this big time!  I do not have access to my phone while I am working and exclusively use TeslaFi to control my car while at work.  It would be great to be able to use the window controls while at my desk when I see a rain storm approaching.