Can TeslaFi pull once a day?

mickster 5 years ago 0

I am an new Tesla Model 3 owner and a new TeslaFi user. So my questions are really more from not knowing or understanding a whole lot at this time. Range Anxiety is apparent and certainly haven't owned long enough to get eased or not caring as I pretty much can always recharge every night. However, as I think about not being able to do that, I get these questions around whether or not I can have TeslaFi pull on demand or like once/limited times per day. And I ask this not knowing the impact(or how to see the impact) of what TeslaFi does to my battery levels by doing what it does. I love stats and there is a price to pay for this - just trying to get what that may be and more so how and if I can control it for those times when I need to conserve. Does this make sense? Would a pull of data be all inclusive from the time it last pulled. Near real time data is cool but not always needed/wanted.  Thanks in advance.