TESLAFI: how can i have over 100% efficiency?

TESLEV1 5 years ago updated by cabomix 5 years ago 1

I do not understand how TESLAFI calculates "efficiency" in its charts.  I am frequently over 100% efficiency on the temperature vs. mileage driven chart.  How can that be?

Your Tesla has a rated watts per mile. If you look at your power use indicator on the screen it gives you the estimated watts per mile rating for your car. Mine is 230WM. If you go down hill or do not hit your accelerator too hard your power usage is lower than your rated WM. so if you drive under 50mph on an incline then your power usage will be way lower than 230. If it was190 then your efficiency is 17% over 100 or 117% [100/230][230-190]=17%. Simple answer is if you use less power than what the car is rated to use, it will show over 100%(which is good because you save power and money traveling more distance for less energy) on the other end if you keep hitting the accelerator pedal, speed up over 60mph, pass everybody on your way; then you'll probably will have a lower efficiency. Also the temperature gives you an additional guideline as to how temperature affects your efficiency. For example when is hot outside you have to your the Air Conditioner which uses more power. When is cold outside the battery has to be warmed and that will also use more power.