Charging at work

Harrison 3 months ago updated by Wunderlag 6 days ago 1


Most of my charging will take place at work for free. I have a charger at home and have set that as the primary home location. If I charge at work or at a non-Tesla charger, how does TeslaFi treat this? Should I set work as a second home? I was thinking of using the Home location as a way to track my additional energy usage at home but I do have an app for the charger where I could do this instead.


Here with the same issue, Work charges should not be tagged as "travel charges", I have set my home charge price to the amount I actually pay at home, but work is free and definitely not travel charges. I could set work as second home, but then the statistics get mixed up or I end up with my default (home) price value on work charges.

IMO "Work" should be another default category along with "Home", "Travel" and "Supercharging" charges.