Not a bug

Logging does not restart after password reset

StefanSarzio 7 years ago updated by Prefect 5 years ago 5

I changed my password. Logging stopped. I created a new token and enabled logging. But it does not start again. No new log entries.

I ran into a similar issue. I had to re-set my password because tesla told me again that there where to many login attempts. So I always set the same password again. But teslafi.com stopped logging despite the password being the same as before.

And I didn't even get a warning e-mail that logging stopped! This is definitively a bug.


I added auto-enabling of polling after creating a new token and added a note.

Thanks for the explanation. I suggest adding it in bold to the page for the next time. :-)

Also auto-enabling polling again would be nice.

Not a bug

Good. Thanks for replying. It does take a few minutes for the data logger to add the logging back into the que.

Logging started again. It took some time - don't know why. But it seems to be fine again.

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