lock alert based on minutes since parked

tranzndance 5 years ago updated by James 4 years ago 2

The lock reminder saved me this morning since I forgot my fob in the car when I went in to work. Thank you for this feature!

Is it possible to make the alert based on minutes since the car was parked, rather than specifying a specific time? Currently, I have four schedules to remind me, but if I left the car unlocked between those times, then my car would stay unlocked for much longer. I suppose I can set a reminder for every hour in between, but if it's possible to have better granularity in alerts without explicitly making reminders, that would help. Thanks!


This has been added to setting->notifications.  It will alert you after the set amount of time when the vehicle is unlocked.

I have a schedule setup for this since I have a fixed start time. 15 mins after if unlocked I have it send a text. Only did it when I forgot to press fob button with 3 but sometimes happens. 

Other locations... Yea this would be good