adding a missing drive?

pfg 5 years ago updated by James 1 year ago 3


Is there a way to "manually" add a drive? 

I forgot to enable polling and I'm missing the very first drive from the service center.



Adding a drive was added recently in Drives->Add A Drive.

I had the same question and the answer from teslafi (2021-09-15) was: no!

I dunno why they wan't develop this feature.


Yep. This would be good.

TeslaFi sometimes detects when a drive is likely to occurred and it is pretty easy to confirm that a drive occurred by checking the odometer.

We lost a quick 'drive around the block' having just swapped winter/summer tyres which I would tag that drive for my tyre records. Unfortunately polling had stopped and missed that really important drive.

Even sticking a drive placeholder in the log would be useful even if it didn't know any specifics about the drive other than odometer start and finish and potentially start/finish location. That would at least allow a drive to be recorded and in our case, tagged which is a lot better than nothing that we have now.