Car awake half of the time

BjörnTM 5 years ago 0

My car does sleep with Teslafi. I've fiddled with the settings, and needed to give it 25 minutes in stead of 15, but my car goes to sleep fine. It does also more or less randomly wake up and stay awake for hours before going to sleep again. I've included a screenshot of yesterday. I made sure my keyfob stayed out of range of the car to not wake it myself. I didn't touch the Tesla app as well.

As you can see the car sleeps for hours and then suddenly awakes and stays awake for hours before falling asleep again.

Is this normal behavior for a Tesla? It sure is using more energy than I would like for a day standing still :)

It's a 90D with MCU1. Energy saving is on, always connected is off. No other apps / loggers connected. Only have the official Tesla app. Also changed my password to make sure nothing else was connecting.

Image 1226