Feature request: Automatic cabin overheat protection on/off

jverbil 5 years ago 0

I live in very hot and sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, where my car spends most of the time in the shade in my carport or in a parking garage. Even though my car is routinely in 100+ temps in the summer, it's in the shade most of that time, so I see no need for cabin overheat protection most of the time. But occasionally, I have to park in the sun for awhile for grocery shopping or whatever. When I do, I try to remember to turn cabin overheat protection on, but I often forget to do so. And then, even when I do remember to turn it on, I sometimes forget to turn it off, which results in me wasting energy with my car parked in the shade at 100+ temps.

Here is what I would like: A schedule that checks to see if the car is parked in a different location than the last drive, and if so, to check that location for the following rule: If it's nighttime OR the car is at a tagged location (perhaps home, perhaps work, perhaps other tagged locations as well), turn overheat protection OFF. If it's daytime AND it's parked at any other location, turn overheat protection ON.

Is that feasible without polling constantly? Maybe you do it whenever you get a new data dump from the car? I know that's not technically a "schedule" -- it's more like an event manager.