Battery Degradation Report For the fleet?

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It would be cool to see an aggregated report of Battery Degradation for the whole fleet for each battery type. 

My model 3 Long range charges to a 100% max of 282 miles... i'd like to know if that's normal for 10% degradation on a 11 month old car or if i'm an outlier. 

I don't think TeslaFi''s battery report is accurate after seeing my 2020 MY's report.

Your problem is the tick at "Include incomplete charges". remove it and you get much more accurate data. Also, if you set "Include charges above" setting at anything beneath 80% it will further decrease the accuracy. It will still jump around a bit, but noth that much.

You can click the little "i" button for more information.

My2020 MY battery range goes up and down wildly during the 4 years, and now I have the highest range, what is the deal?

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Bonjour à tous, je n'arrive pas à modifier la date de fin, elle revient systématiquement au 2023-05-17

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I want to be able to generate this report for my car, but also a hypothetical car with many more miles than my car.
This way we can see things like fleet degradation to show what we might expect as our vehicles age.


Just commenting to bump this. I REALLY want to see this. Give us a graph like the one on our own battery report but let us filter to different models, regions, etc. Or just let us download the aggregated data so we can play with it ourselves :)

Could max and min plots be added? There's a text description of where one is in the mix, but could be more illustrative to have a plotline of the max and min ranges rather than just text describing the current situation and odometer reading.


It would be really interesting to somehow compare charging habits too! I do most (~75%) of my charging on the MCU, about 10% on AC fast chargers and only 15% on Superchargers.

I'm also getting negative degradation with almost 10.000km on the odometer. Would be interesting if that's common for similar charging habits.

maybe that could be achieved by comparing total charge times (more time == slower overall charging == not much SC use) for each datapoint compared


We now know that Tesla has changed the battery cell chemistry and contact design several times during the production of the S & X with no announcement as to when or what was changed. I expect the degradation also changed so would be really handy to be able to parce the data based on date of manufacture.

Lots to be learned from data mining!

Ah, that's a great idea.

So plot all cars with similar manufacture dates by miles. Maybe a "Violin plot" 


Thanks for the quick response to this request - excellent data, and now I do not need to rely on other 3rd party apps to get fleet data (in addition to other stats from TeslaFi).


Do I really have the best range in the fleet after 5700+ miles?


There is a beta version of this located at https://www.teslafi.com/batteryTest.php.

Please let me what issues you notice.



On the "Avg Fleet Battery Level", are my numbers included in the that chart? I'm probably bringing it down the avg i'm looking at on my charts. On the green line, maybe exclude the current user, since you already have your own line in blue.  So "avg fleet battery level excluding you"


No, it's not including your vehicle.

Wow, that's awesome!  

Maybe add a little info thing explaining what "There are 23 vehicles with similar charges at your current odometer reading.
23 Vehicles have a higher range. 0 Vehicles have a lower range.Your range is better than 0 % of similar users." means.  Otherwise I love it!


I'd be very interested to know what "with similar charges" means - how do you group them according to charges?  A friend has the same car with 17k miles and his comparison cohort is at 309 miles, while my car at 15k miles apparently has a cohort average of 299 miles.  Presumably we have "different charges?"


Oh, I just found the settings page.  that makes a little more sense.  Still wondering how the cohort for my 17k buddy is different to get a better battery report tho!


It looks like the "better value" is not working on your account and the trend line is incorrect.  I'll work on fixing that.

Thank you! Keep up the good work!

I also noticed that the fleet average settings page can crash my browser if I open the ranges up very wide. I love seeing the data, but I don't need to see it just when I want to tweak the settings. Maybe keep the settings section as is, and then a "view data" link below that actually fetches everything. 



The trend line should be correct now.  I removed the better range percentage display if there are no vehicles with a lower range than yours.

I think I found an issue. In the new battery page settings, I changed the miles to compare to 1000. Now the page just loads and loads and eventually crashes with a server error. 


Increasing the odometer search increases the search size which was timing out.  I optimized the search and the database so it shouldn't timeout anymore. It's searching about 1.5 million records though so a large odometer setting will slow it down a bit but it's much faster now.

Awesome, thanks! I just didn't want to bring down the server for anyone else with my mega query.


Since this range info is now shown for any specific car in fleet, please summarize battery range fleet average for any specific model. Thanks



2 weeks ago


Software Tracker:

Added direct link to version details in Latest Fleet Updates

Added direct link to vehicle details in Latest Fleet Updates

Added current installs map to version details.

Added battery range information to vehicle details including range loss between first recorded charge over 80% and last recorded charge over 80%.

Added average battery range average for charges over 80% to each firmware line in vehicle details.

Those are great updates. But I'd like to see the averages/Min/Max for the entire fleet by vehicle type.

All model 3 performance vehicles. min/max/median/avg 100% estimated battery range. I'm guessing i'm in the bottom 5% of all similar vehicles for battery degradation.

I really would like to see this chart sometime soon. My P3D+ Long range now charges to 268 miles @ 100%. Would like to see where I stand vs everyone else.

I really would like to see this chart sometime soon. My P3D+ Long range now pretty regularly charges to 278 miles @ 100%. Would like to see where I stand vs everyone else.  


Would be a very useful feature, there is a paying app on the appstore doing it but it would be much better using Teslfi data


I'd be interested in the fleet data by model too. My M3 LR Performance's Battery Degradation Report was 308 to 310 miles from 1,244 to 1,700 miles. Then it started gradually declining to around 302 to 304 to 1,946 miles. I'm now at 2,390 miles with no further decline. The decline doesn't correlate with a software update. Also Tesla increased the range on the LR to 322 miles but left the Performance at 310. Will the LR fleet retroactively increase?


I would like to see Model 3 LR fleet battery deg avg as well.


I would love to see a fleet battery report so I know if I'm in line with what is happening for most people.


I would like to see the sorting of the included data points changed to show the most recent charge at the top and the oldest at the bottom. I’m having to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the most recent data!