fleetwide analytics on expected battery degradation over total miles driven

diglesia 5 years ago 0

Consider using the teslafi fleet to provide analytics on battery degradation. For example chunk the fleet of model 3 long-range into 5000 mile increments of total miles driven, and for every one of those buckets analyze the fleet for the average + 10% percentile + 90% percentile of battery range. Use this to inform on where an individual vehicle battery degradation (i.e. current max mileage) is compared to the fleet, i.e. above average, below average, etc. This gives better insight rather than the general guidelines given by tesla.

Because the battery is the main consumable in the vehicle and also the most expensive, it is something that I think everyone will appreciate and may be used to inform charging habits. Could also be used as a value add proposition for the teslafi service if it can help make better decisions to extend the life of a rather expensive component of the vehicle, and retain range.