Auto tag by time

thojak216@gmail com 5 years ago updated by Andreas Hansson 4 years ago 2

Is it possible to set up so that trips are automatically tagged between 2 times? 

For example 0700-1500 then all trips are tagged as work?

Need this feature, along with weekdays.

To be able to auto tag "business hours" vs "non business hours".

Happy New Year!

Is this a feature that can be added?

I'm using another standalone gps-logger for this today but would have been great if this could be resolved in Teslafi.

The function I need is that you can set a rule that all trips between one time and another (for example, from 0700 to 1500) and apply only to the weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Since I drive from random places in my job and only visit the office in the morning and afternoon, only a few trips are tagged with the filter that exists today.

I think this is a feature many people need.