Auto tag by time

thojak216@gmail.com 10 months ago updated by Andreas Hansson 4 months ago 2

Is it possible to set up so that trips are automatically tagged between 2 times? 

For example 0700-1500 then all trips are tagged as work?

Happy New Year!

Is this a feature that can be added?

I'm using another standalone gps-logger for this today but would have been great if this could be resolved in Teslafi.

The function I need is that you can set a rule that all trips between one time and another (for example, from 0700 to 1500) and apply only to the weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Since I drive from random places in my job and only visit the office in the morning and afternoon, only a few trips are tagged with the filter that exists today.

I think this is a feature many people need.

Need this feature, along with weekdays.

To be able to auto tag "business hours" vs "non business hours".