drives not logged after parking in offline garage

eldar 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

Similar to my previous ticket, I've now got several drives not getting identified at all, yet the raw feed shows the car logged at speeds and changing locations. 

Today, 01/08/2019 08:10:12 I started driving to work after having the car parked/offline since yesterday.

02/07/2019 17:52:30 I drove from a friend to my home, parked and then left for work the following morning - this is all logged as one continuous drive, yet teslafi logged this line later that day (guess it was sleeping while we drove home..)

02/07/2019 22:43:25 online None 0 61 110560.538 Charging 287.06 26.4 1682 0 853 0 0 103.8848 Driving->Idling @ Hjemme

could an option to automatically end drives when found home be added? or as suggested, autoend drives that've had the car offline for x hours?

just a quick follow up here: this is the case for most of my logged weekdays: drive not closed from the day before and are resumed even if the cars battery level have changed, it's been at a standstill for hours and hours, and it's been in a parked state...

It would be great if we could get a solution here - my garage at home offers no connection. This results in all drives that I end at home, not being stopped. 

So every week I have to manually split those drives - and I can only do that, if I’m not at home (as I cannot split drives when Teslafi thinks the drive is still active). While I love Teslafi, I won’t continue to manually edit the data daily.