More cowbell!

c01000100 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

Actually, more efficiency charts, but I couldn't resist...

Any chance we can see an energy efficiency chart similar to the temperature efficiency, but as an option where the elevation chart shows up for each drive?

Would be nice to be able to add and remove overlay elements on the elevation chart such as: energy consumption, exterior temperature, conditioning target temperature, travel speed, and average road grade(3 data point running average)

Not sure too many other overlay types would be useful, but these would probably help foster an idea of generally how much efficiency is or is not effected by these generally controllable or observable conditions.

Next level would be to compare the same conditions against drives that are tagged the same, to possibly identify if there's an optimal route for a frequent trip.

I see now that this is already a feature mostly.  Can we get elevation added to the drive chart in addition to(or in place of) it being a separate chart?  Also, still would like to be able to compare a couple drives if their drive tag matches.