how to change password for TeslaFi

woody-soft 12 months ago updated by fdj973 8 months ago 6

It may well be that I overlook something... but then it's not obvious.  I am logged in to my TeslaFi Account and want to change the password for that site. There is no directly visible link or button in that account page.  No I haven't forgotten my old one (since then I wouldn't be in my settings), I just want to change the existing password.  How to do?

I have the same question!

So why DON'T you use the reset password link?  Then you can change your password.  It may be there is no other way since that way exists that you can change it.  I don't see any other way.


Done. That worked - usually there's a change password in all applications, so i wondered. But reset works too!

Hi. Could you tell me where to find the reset password link?

I have the same pb

Look at your TeslaFi Login-page, just below that LOGIN button.

Thank you Woody-soft. Done. :-)