Vehicle idles for 11 minutes after sleeping for 1

milleron 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

Over the last several months, I've been noticing a lot more phantom drain -- up to 5 miles/d -- than I saw when the car was newer back in the last half of 2017. Checking TeslaFi, I see that all night long it "sleeps" for 59-60 minutes, then idles for 11-12 minutes, then sleeps for 59-60 minutes, then idles for 11-12 minutes and so one, over and over again. Most of the time, there's NO recorded phantom drain during the idles, but occasionally, there's up to 1.5 miles of drain during those short 11-minute idles.

I've never had a problem with the car not sleeping at all, even during the time she was on 19.5. I do have Sentry mode enabled but set to OFF while home in the garage. 

 I've a feeling that if I could just get the car to "sleep"all night and most of the time when it's sitting in the garage during the day, my phantom drain would go back to the 1-2 mi/d I enjoyed in 2017.

What could be causing this perpetual cycle of "idling" for 11 minutes after sleeping for 60?

it turns out that I had unwittingly violated TeslaFi criteria for deep sleep by enabling "cabin overheat protection."

Phantom drains of 4+ mi/d had been occurring daily. I disabled overheat protection and this problem instantly stopped. The car once again goes into deep sleep and stays there, no longer going into an "idle" cycle after every 60 minutes of sleep. Phantom drain, as reported by TeslaFi, decreased to 0 during the 31 hours that the car has been parked since then.

I guess the message is if you're concerned with phantom losses but really need overheat protection, enable protection only when you're parked somewhere where keeping the temp below 105° is important. Be sure it's disabled overnight.