lomed77 5 years ago updated by golanbenoni 5 years ago 4

Does the Cabin overheat protection still work while the car is sleeping?  

I suspect the car must wake-up to periodically test the temperature.  I'm having the same issue myself right now in ~20 minute increments.

I'm going to disable the feature and see what happens throughout the rest of the day.

The trouble is that my car was idling for 11 minutes after 60 min of sleep, and the cycle repeated all day and all night with phantom drains of 4+ mi/d. I disabled overheat protection and this problem instantly stopped. Phantom drain decreased to 0 during the 31 hours that the car has been parked since then.

If you're concerned with phantom losses but really need overheat protection, enable it only when you're parked somewhere where keeping the temp below 105° is important. Be sure it's disabled overnight.

from my understanding, cabin overheat protection will keep the car from sleeping.

cars with it on can still go to sleep though of course. It just depends on the temperature outside. If it is during the day and the interior is in the high 90s, most likely it won’t sleep. My car is sleeping right now and I have cabin overheat projection on.