repetitive charging

Jeff schneider 5 years ago updated by JennLazz 5 years ago 11

According to the app it Is trying to charge every hour like clockwork for one minute. But does not show the same charging attempts on my Tesla mobile app. So why is teslfi trying to charge every hour when not needed? I had Tesla service look in to it and they said my model 3 is not actually charging every hour. like teslaf says it is. Is this sayIs this say glitch in your app?

This isn’t a teslafi thing, it’s a software issue. I’ve had it happen a few times over the year of owning the car and it’s definitely charging every hour on the hour. My garage is next to my living room and I can hear the charging kick in and then stop after a minute. Each time Tesla says it’s a software issue that will be fixed with an update. It has stopped in the past with updates but once in awhile a new update will cause it to start up again. 

there’s is no kWh added on any of the charges in second screen shot and I’ve checked when it says its charging from Teslafi and my car is not charging at that time.I have use this app for a long time and it just started doing this Couple months ago.And I’ve had to Tesla service check the data on my car and there is no charging at those times to my car 

Oops here a more current one. And no  Sentry and overheat protection 

shows the same thing. It is merely putting back on range that you are losing during the time period it is not charging. It shows range lost then put back. 

look at the raw data feed. Attach a screenshot of this activity from the main screen of TeslaFi. Do you have sentry on?  What about cabin overheat protection?  TeslaFi is giving you more data than the Tesla app does. 

it has to be the app. My Tesla Moble app shows nothing and I have all Notifications on the moble app to. This is what I see on Teslafi app

you just answered your own question with your screenshot. You are losing battery every hr then it’s charging back that battery loss. What is so difficult to understand?  

my notifications are on on my Tesla mobile app. It’s not showing that it’s actually charging it’s just when I open Teslafi  account it’s shows like 20  attempts it   Trying to charge  every hour for two minutes and then stops.  But it don’t actually show any charges on my Tesla mobile app at all. Is there a setting on Teslafi to turn that off ?


teslafi is just reporting what is happening.  Is it adding charge even if it is an amount like this 0.90000000000001?  I think it's losing battery from sentry and/or cabin overheat protection then adding battery back when it goes from 90 to 89 and then back to 90 for example.

sentry mode on?  My car charges throughout the day to get back to my desired limit and it doesn't push notify me on the Tesla mobile app for those occurrences but it is truly charging from time to time and shows on teslafi