TeslaFi not allowing M3 to sleep - all options are off - never get "Trying to sleep"

Allistah 5 years ago updated by DLPCo 5 years ago 1

Hey all --

I have a 2 week old M3 and I have all three boxes disabled for "Try to Sleep Requirements" so that it will try no matter what. The thing is, it never tries to allow the car to go to sleep.  Just idle all day long.  It's been over four hours now.

Am I doing something wrong or should TeslaFi be trying to allow the car to sleep at this point?

If you look at the raw data (In the Help Menu) do you see anything in the counting of Idle?

As well, do you have Sentry mode on? That will keep the car from sleeping. You can add that element to the raw data display by clicking on edit layout and adding Sentry Mode to the last heading that says None.

That raw data display can really help tune the system for your car.