Time spent and generating location tags

c01000100 5 years ago updated by Mr-Chips 4 years ago 1

Time spent analysis

Charts/analysis of time spent at locations across different intervals; Excellent breakdown of a day; Would also like to see a range selector for start/stop dates of time spent per location.

Generating tags

Also, manually add a location so I can just travel to places I haven't been to in my car yet, and not have to worry about editing the list again later. Most people have a list of common places to which they travel. Perhaps even an import from Google Maps history would be nice with a periodic manual sync option. I've been tracking my location history in Google Maps for a very long time, and am likely to keep traveling to the same places in my new ride.

Starting using TeslaFi 241020, but got the car 290319, however i too have Google LH for the last 5 years , so import would nice