Supercharging totals are not showing all locations.

mlabcoh90 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

Very early in my ownership on a few trips, I just charged up until I felt like I had enough charge. This lead to having multiple charges occur, but none being "complete" because I would unplug before both the car and the API registered as charging being complete. 

In my Charge Totals view, It only lists 3 distinct Supercharger locations, but I have charged at 5 different locations. 

Is there a bug which somehow does not detect and list charges as different locations, even though they clearly are recognized as such?

Totals List.

Image 1106

All the charges at "2221 Stringtown Road Supercharger" shows charges at 3 different locations.

Image 1105

Just noticed the same issue in the Top destinations drives list. multiple superchargers are being listed within a specific address.

It looks like this got fixed. but nobody addressed it in the ticket here.

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