Charge Efficiency around 80% - normal?

stefan wehinger@gmail com 5 years ago updated by Stoobiedoo 5 years ago 1

My charge efficiency is around 80%.

Model S 75D Mid 2017, 11kW AC charger

Webasto Pure 11kW charging station (https://webasto-charging.com/de_at/catalog/product/view/id/17/s/webasto-ac-pure-s-22kw/category/3/)

Question: Is this low efficiency normal? The losses seems very high!

Thank you all, Stefan

I have a 2016 S85 and my charging efficiency on medium (2-3hr) charges at home (240v 30amp) is low 80%. On the shorter charges it can be sub 50%. This is with the charger included with the car.

At work (200v 30amp ChargePoint) I usually charge for ~4hrs and that efficiency is around 88%.

I'm still looking around to find out what settings to use for best efficiency - max out my home current (32amp) or keep it lower for longer.