Add API command to set HVAC temperature

dantfionline 5 years ago updated by James 3 years ago 6

There's an option in schedules to set HVAC temperature but no corresponding API action, just start/stop.  Can this be added easily?

Aside from my questions I can confirm that it now works with &temp

Yes, just the &temp will send the same temperature to both the driver and the passenger.  It seems to be the only reliable way to do it.  That said, I haven't tested out sending the passenger yet.  I'll most likely just have to add another point to add the passenger temp if it's provided.

The TeslaFi API page still says the command is command=set_temps&temp=XX.

Shall I use command=set_temps&tdriver_temp=XX&passenger_temp=YY, or what is the correct text?

Is there a difference between &temp and &driver_temp?

I cannot get this to work properly. The temperature always gets set to "Min" as per the Tesla app.

Also could you add driver_temp and passenger_temp for setting those differently?

I actually found while working on climate presets that if only the drivers_temp is sent it can take 2-3 attempts to receive the command correctly, if at all, so in the presets it sends the same temperature to both and works correctly.  I just changed the TeslaFi API to do the same.  Let me know if it works now.