Replacing a vehicle on with a new vehicle

If you are replacing a currently logged vehicle on you have a few choices:


You can open a new account and select the new vehicle in settings->account->vehicle to start logging data from the correct vehicle.  

Open a support ticket and list your old username and the new username just created.  We can then cancel your old account and transfer the subscription to your new account if you have a yearly subscription.  The old account will remain open for at least one year and a request to keep it open can be made at that time.  

You can also link your new account to the old account in settings->account->vehicle and select 'share tagged location' to use your existing tagged locations on the new account.


You can open a support ticket and request all data prior to a date be deleted from your account.


Choose the new vehicle in settings->account->vehicles and TeslaFi will start logging the new vehicle on the current account.  All data will be combined from both vehicles.

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