Battery degradation, how actually is it calculated?

Moby Dick 3 years ago updated by MrGoogle87 2 years ago 2

This graph is very useful to me.

However, as an electrical engineer, I would be very happy to know how the calculation is processed.

For instance, if I drive using lot of heating / air conditioning, defrost, seat heaters, of course I will consume more energy than when all theses are off.

So, the battery will drain more or less quickly, while same distance has been accomplished.

It doesn't mean the battery is degraded.

So I guess the calculation is based on more specific data that Teslafi can exploit from what you gather from official Tesla data base.

Could you explain this for those who like technical details?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hervé Delétraz

Hi, i am at 206/240 miles after since two weeks after I got the car, I have our now 3month old SR+ just installed teslafi to compare with orher, bur can’t it seems... Also I drive kilometers...

Tesla tells me Norhing: capacity is secret and i only deviate 0.4% vs the fleet is what they tell... same mechanic didn’t know what rated range was


The battery degradation report is simply a graph of how much Rated/Ideal Range the vehicle is reporting at 100% or extrapolated to 100% full charge.

So the degradation would be 1.7%(5 Miles) if the vehicle reported a 300 mile range in October and a 295 mile range in December at a 100% full charge.

Hopefully that answers your question.