Linking your account to TeslaFi

You can link your account to TeslaFi using one of the methods below:

Using the TeslaFi iOS or Android apps:

  1. Download the iOS or Android app.
    Image 3681
  2. Choose Authenticate With for all locations except for China.
    Image 3668
  3. Enter your credentials and press Sign In.
    Image 3669
  4. Press Link Existing TeslaFi Account
    Image 3670
  5. Enter your credential and press Login.
    Image 3671
  6. Press Save and your token will be saved and logging will be turned on automatically.
    Image 3673

Using a TeslaFi browser extension:

  1. Choose your browser from the available options.
    Image 3674
  2. Install the browser extension.
    Image 3675
    Image 3676
  3. Return to the tab and refresh the page.  Click on the generate your refresh token link.
    Image 3678
  4. Enter your credentials.
    Image 3679
  5. Press Save to save your token and automatically turn on logging.

    Image 3680

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