Retain Home kWh Cost for historical charges and apply new rate only for new charge sessions

agianfagna 3 years ago updated by SoerenBM 1 year ago 2

When you update the Home kWh Cost under settings, it applies that rate to both past and future charges. It would be better if the rate entered applied to future charges only and did not affect charges in the past which may have had a different billing rate.  Furthermore, it would be handy if when applying a new rate that there was an option to retroactively apply it across a date range - for instance in my area I see what my delivery price per kWh at the end of the month.  It changes every now and then, but I only find out on my bill after the fact.

That would be nice. I'd like to be able to sent my avg. pricing for 2019 but only for the charges occurred in 2019.

agree mine just went down but i don't want to change the past figures