How to merge multiple drives and or define what constitutes a drive

Bluebird_ET 3 years ago updated by perrochon 1 year ago 6

I'm new to TeslaFi and loving it so far. Please let me know how to address the following issue: On my commute, if I stop 1 min to collect mail, then stop for 5 mins at Starbucks, and finally drive to work, this is recorded as three drives. Is there a setting I can use to set a minimum time between drives so that these three would be recorded as a single drive?

Related to this, if I merge drives 1 and 2, I'm blocked from merging the result with the remaining drive in the above example. Is there a way to merge multiple drives?

Finally, is there a guide which explains all the icons on each page? Most are pretty obvious, and I've guessed others, but a guide would be really nice, or a popup explanation if mouse hovers over a command icon without clicking.

It's not exactly what you ask for, but it gets me most of it and saves you the pain of merging all these individual drives manually. Your specific case with 3 drives a day is a worst case compared to being able to merge 3, as you'd have to create a road trip for each commute. But today, I had 11 individual drives, and creating a road trip was easy.

Drives->Roadtrips, Enter start date/time end date/time, save as.

You get a map of the whole thing, some summary information,  and a long table, summary information

New to TeslaFI and assumed that I couldn't figure out how to do this.  Kind of shocked  that this obvious ability is missing.


Might be an idea to group all 'drives' between point A and point B within a specified time as a drive.


Merging 3 or more drives would be very useful. Maybe you can allow merge only if stop was shorter than a set period (e.g. 10 minutes) and if no charging was added. This would account for piss stops during long highway journeys (yes, my bladder needs to be emptied every 60-90 minutes!)

I could have sworn they had this feature previously, but I don't see it now. Can the developer help here?


I would really like that ability to set a minimum time between drives.  I have used automatic in the past and this was a feature that they had that was really helpful.