do you plan to make ios/android app?

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+1 - no mobile app is a huge miss


I would suggest not making an app, but instead making a PWA (Progressive Web App) This way you don't have to deal with Apple and Google stores and you just write HTML and JavaScript.  It works and acts like an app, but its just stored web pages.  Better than an app. When you visit the page, the browser will ask, Do you want to install this PWA or something along those lines.  It shows up like an icon on their desk top.  Go read about Google YouTube that that is now a PWA and no longer an coded app in the store.


an iOS app would be nice :) 


Please, please, please make an app.  Or consider partnering with another leading Tesla fan software developer (e.g. ScanMyTesla or Tesla Stats to do so.


I love this app - on the desktop, but simply taking the desktop interface and displaying it on a smart device is a cop out. Come on guys. Let's get an Android version of the app!


I recently bought a Tesla and one of the first things I did was to subscribe to TeslaFi. I have tried nearly all the other solutions, and nothing compares. But it truly boggles the mind that there is no iOS / Android app - neither an official, nor a third party one. What is keeping this from happening? As others have stated, I would be willing to pay for it - though if it comes from TeslaFi, it should really be free as we already pay for the service.


Why are the developers of TeslaFi keeping silent about there being no IOS/Android app? 


I would actually consider paying a small premium for it. The increased development time needed to meet the iOS or Android app store requirements result in more cost and maintenance to TeslaFi. Paying $50/yr currently, would consider $60/yr with app inclusion. 


Ditto that. I really don't get it. It's the best system by far that doesn't make my car wake from sleep all the time or keep it awake. But I can't fathom where there is no app yet. Heck, I'd even be happier if they had some better visualizations on the website. So much great data and no real graphical way to see much of it. a few improvements lately. Hopefully more is coming. 


It would also be nice to have some feedback from TeslaFi on this topic, which has received the most upvotes!


At this point there should just be a TeslaFi API that anyone can use.  Many people could have created excellent mobile apps if we could query TeslaFi stats.  

This lack of features (nice, reactive website that works on mobile, mobile app, etc.) is pushing me towards something like Teslascope which is cheaper and nicer looking.


It's actually a little silly at this point that there isn't just an app, but the website itself isn't even mobile-friendly.  I'd even be satisfied with a website that was remotely readable on my phone.  I mean an app would be ideal (I'm on Android), and I'm up-voting this.

I'd love to see an app. I'm driving around a lot in the job and it would be nice to be able to tag the drives on the road instead of trying to remember what customer was at what address. (I use my drive log to bill my customers for time).

Also on the web you don't seem to be able to select multiple drives to bulk tag them which makes tagging time consuming.

I know about automatic tagging but many times it's a new location, especially for private drives. So if I drive around all afternoon/evening, maybe a few days in a row, I have a bunch of drives to tag as "private". Doing that one by one...well.

So, an app to be able to tag on the road, and..

Ability to bulk tag drives on the web.

Would be nice.

So I'm working only on an iOS version. The first pass is going to be similar to Draggy, it will use a 10Hz GPS and record your 0-60mph plus other things and will be free. After that I'm going to add Tesla features to it using the open API. The drive features and mapping features, but those will require a subscription since they incur Server costs.  I don't do Android so no Android version.

¡Android por favor!



Its been a long time now since TeslaFi has been out there. Great application! Can we please get a iOS and Android app? Its a pain in the butt logging into the borrower to see my stats. I have logged in with the Safari but its so small I have to zoom!

It would also be great if you included all the controls as well. Basically replacing the Tesla app for the most part. I would pay to have this app! 

I'm actually looking into this. It would have a Go Server like TeslaFi which would use the Tesla API's to track the car. The iOS App would then just talk to the Go Server, this way you wouldn't have to have the App open for it to gather data. Would also have performance screens like measure 0-60mph super accurately, plus a Calendar to see your daily drives, etc.


I'm an Android guy.

Are you interested in partnering on an iOS/Android development App for Tesla? I've got some ideas and started a Go Server for this.

I wrote an android app which includes a home screen app widget.The TeslaFi API doesn't give access to all of the stats, but it still helps me from waking up my car inadvertently on my phone since I use this app for status rather than the official Tesla app.


Update: App will be free for a week starting on 2JAN


yes iOS app would be greatly appreciated....


Any update to this?


iOS App please.


Android app please.


Another big vote in favour of mobile apps & website! I think you've got fantastic functionality (have subscribed for a year), but the eye candy from rival apps is clearly drawing many new users so would be great to have some progress on this :) A mobile-friendly website would also hopefully work well on the Tesla in-car browser! 


Come one guys. An app would make you richer. The competion is growing, So make an iphone or android app


Android app or mobile friendly website!


please let me help make teslafi mobile optimized. Cheap as Free! Email me at andrew@mellenger.com if you are interested and I can divert some dev resources to this project. 


Another vote for a mobile responsive TeslaFi site. Seems easier / better than an app. That said, if you have the bandwidth to to apps (and please don't just focus on once ecosystem!), it might help with getting the word out since a lot of people just search for apps vs. searching the web.


iOS app please!

I made multiple recommendations 2 years ago for improving the Scheduling system.  I think 1 of them was implemented.  If the developers would make a few changes it would really be helpful.  Also, maybe they could create a "mobile version" of the web site to be easier to use on the phone.

Please, please, please make an app! Your competitors have apps and may start taking away your business. My number one request for the app would be the ability to schedule events. Doing that on the website is very cumbersome.


While teslafi is hard to use on mobile, as compromise a mobile compatible website would work on any smartphone. :) 

But if you decide to build the mobile app and you want someone who can actually make it butter smooth and cool AF... I can vouch for Darken who build the SD Maid App


Have they said if this is something they will look into doing?


I'd like my favourite mobile OS also. Let's start a discussion, or don't!

If anything, the site is fully functional as is. The proper way in my humble opinion wouldn't be to create an app.  It would require the developer to support the app on a multitude of operating systems. Besides having to probably learn how to code it for a specific OS. Either it being Android or iOS.

The easiest would be a responsive web interface that has a better mobile device display. Currently you see the full desktop site, which can be difficult to see on a smartphone. By doing a responsive website  all mobile devices could be targetted without requiring development of an Operating System specific app.

Any interest in partnering on an iOS App? The App would call TeslaFi API's so it would have access to history and more detailed data.


I do iOS development, been thinking about doing an App for Tesla. Actually started one, and I have the Tesla API's working.

Want to get a fully rigged 3D car model in Collada (That's what Xcode takes), and then you'd see your car in 3D with open doors, trunks, etc.

Android needed. 


Please  - either an app or a mobile friendly web design would be really nice - also a responsive web design so the whole page does not need to refresh when applying tags would be great too

really need a mobile friendly site.  


As an iOS developer I have to agree with those that have stated that making an app (or two) would be a waste of resources for what this service does. A nice mobile friendly site would be a much better use of resources.

iOS and webhooks !

My companion at is Dashboard for Tesla.


Although I agree that mobile apps are mostly unnecessary from a technical point of view, I believe they are quite valuable as a way to extend the TeslaFi fleet, which I would very much like to see happen. 

I think there are a lot of folks like myself who primarily use mobile phones and tablets, only rarely using a desktop. Many do not own a desktop, seldom use a web browser, and look primarily to apps for utility and for efficient use of limited screen real-estate. I suspect this segment is growing proportionally, and especially prevalent among Model 3 owners. Note that the TeslaFi fleet only has roughly 1300 model 3s out of a total of 3600 vehicles, whereas the proportion on the highway is probably at least two-thirds model 3.

Take a look at the presentation quality of a smartphone app like “Stats for Tesla”. You can very quickly get a good statistical picture for the screen real-estate size. Of course it doesn’t have some of the nice features of TeslaFi like drives by tagged location, but my point is the good use of screen real estate and ease of use.

What the mobile apps don’t have that TeslaFi does, is a central database on a server, which sounds like nerdspeak who cares, but makes all the difference to me. I have lots of mobile devices, I like to populate most of them with the same apps, but I don’t want half a dozen mobile apps all talking to Tesla servers (and hence to my car) at the same time. This means not only unnecessary traffic and potential vampire drain, but inconsistent and duplicated data that is backed up only on my devices. These apps can only work to gather data when the mobile device has good connectivity, so the quality and consistency of the data is going to be inferior to that from a 24/7 web server application.

What I would like to see is a high-quality mobile app screen interface that uses TeslaFi APIs instead of Tesla APIs. I could have as many as I like, they wouldn’t be storing there own data, and wouldn’t be generating extra trafic.

Have I beat this to death sufficiently? ;)


Palm Pilot please.

Yes, the monochrome Vx! I still have my old ODB2 scanner that uses a palm pilot....man, how far we’ve come.

Software Developer here. It wouldn't be too hard to make a cross-platform app. I've worked on a couple apps using Xamarin Forms Toolkit for .NET. Just released a new app for my work to both app stores this past week. Whether it is necessary is another question.

Why is an app needed? The webapp just works fine on my Android. If I had a request it would only be that it would be a more responsive design.

the "remember me" login feature doesnt work on chrome / android... annoying to keep popping open my password manager to login.

Honestly, there is so much detail on the pages that I much prefer using a computer and monitor any time I'm adding tagged locations anyway. There isn't much interaction we need to be make with the data while out and about with only our mobile devices.

yup, I also agree.  When people want an iphone app, I wonder what is it that they want to see or do on an app?  I think I might have mentioned this at one time, but an iphone friendly web page with a few important pieces of data is much easier to create and maintain than separate apps for different mobile platforms.  Just my one man opinion from having done stuff like this in the past.

I don't see the need for an app. The webpages load just fine on my devices.


I think creating an iOS or Android app would be overkill. If anything, the site should be made more responsive. If there's a need to have an actual app, perhaps it can just be a simple app container that pulls in the responsive site with a few added elements (like keeping you signed in or allowing Touch ID to sign you in). 


Please. For a subscription service at least iOS and Android are crucial. Please.

iOS app would be great!