Trivial nit: Idle time doesn't account for Daylight'Standard time transition

mkolowich 5 years ago updated by James 4 years ago 2

This is a trivial thing (i.e. I wouldn't expect it necessarily to be fixed), but just an observation: the transition from Standard to Daylight time means that idle time was not calculated properly. That is, an idle period from midnight to 6:35am was displayed as 6hr35min, when it was, in fact, 5hr35min (we lost an hour overnight). I don't know whether there are any rate calculations that might have been similarly affected, but it's worth noting.

On the other hand, I was impressed that the API and TeslaFi app picked up the time change instantaneously:


Thanks. I thought I had fixed this on the backend of the server last year but I guess not.

I did some more research and it looks like I have to upgrade the php version since DST in DateTime:diff is considered a bug in the current version I'm running.

I'm going to move this to a feature request so I can spend more time on it later. I'll have to do some testing to make sure the php upgrade doesn't 'break' anything.