Wh/Mile, Battery Usage, and Efficiency

Craigwatson 5 years ago updated by James 5 years ago 2

I'm curious, I have a S90D aht I have filled to 100% lately. When I look at the Battery Usage and multiply out it always looks like TeslaFi is saying I only really have 82KWh of total battery ever available, Am I missing something as the efficiency looks off....

Also, during a 120 miles drive it tooks 120 miles off and 117 rated miles yet I was only at 269 Wh/mile so the efficiency looked off there as well...

Thank you for an awesome service and I appreciate helping clarify what I see on the site.


You can also adjust the kWh factor if needed in the settings page of TeslaFi.  After a drive of 20+ miles adjust your kWh used displaying on the trip meter of the car to what TeslaFi is showing.


The 90 pack have around 82 kWh available, so that seems about right. But since there is no 100% accurate way of measuring what is actually in the battery momentarily, there might be some deviations in the numbers.