Please add the ability to manualy add a charge record.

TC56 3 years ago updated by philip.joslin@gmail.com 6 months ago 9

In some underground car parks, connection with the car is lost and therefore record of a charge session is not transmitted.  It would be great to be able to add a chrge record to keep records current

Lifton in Devon is a great SuC, but it's in a mobile/celluar deadspot. Missed two charges which I can't manually add. Bit of a hole in the solution I think. 

I would like this feature too! For some reason the car missed a 10% destination charge (while online). It’d be nice to manually add it for record keeping. 

There is also the tesla outage problem- the one in late September 2020 happened to coincide with a drive, charge, and then drive event for me (and of course the pen I use for manual records of charges was missing so I couldn't take notes so I had to eyeball things...).

My most common destination for work is an underground parking garage with a free charger. Because its free, I try to charge there as much as possible. Because it's underground, the car its offline and the charges don't get logged. As it stands now, I'm not able to get the full use of TeslaFi since I"m getting false data that doesn't include all the savings from free charges.

Yes, PLEASE add a way to manually input charges. Seems like it would be a simple to program.

Would live this. Had car offline last night. Did reboot and it's fine, but missed a 50kwh charge. 

Seems if charge goes from x to x+50 then it could assume its a charge. 

Any news on this please?  It is starting to be a REAL pain not being able to manually add a charge record and is messing withoverall statistics in a BIG way.

Likewise.. would be good to be able to add a missing record.

I frequently charge in an underground car park and the car loses connection, hence no charging data.

Equally I guess it could notice that a charging session was missed if the Charge level goes up significantly for apparently no reason ??