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Is there a way to share drives or days with others who don’t have Teslafi? Like generating a PDF or report…



Sharing the entire detail of a drive is the more likely reason to share; i.e. to show users what you can get out of teslafi, and also on owner groups pages where people ask what the drive between A & B is like battery wise, elevation etc; this is a good tool (if detailed) to share to tesla owner groups and get others to join too

Still can only share a summary of the drive, not the detailed version; is this going to come? Hoping so

just tested this feature and doesn't seem to work; example https://www.teslafi.com/shared.php?drive=ZSZV5qvif8rXHsr

It only shares the summary, not the actual stats of the drive, speed of drive, path taken on the map, altitude, etc? 

If the intention was just to share the summary, i could just screen shot that!

A new share button can be found in the drive table.

Shared drives can also be viewed from the Drives menu under Shared Drives.

yeah waiting for this too; click share and generates a URL that people can view your drive as we see it

Thanks.  I've converted this into a feature request.

Thanks – it would be cool to add a more user friendly “share” function with friends. Like send them a link to the page of a day or a drive they came along, or a few days…
Under review


You can generate csv files by viewing the tagged drives page located at the bottom of the site.

There you can enter the dates to search and leave the tag section blank.

Hopefully that helps.