What is the gain/loss on the drive summaries expressed as ft (or meters)? Is that elevation?

DaveG_NJ 4 months ago updated by bampton 2 months ago 1

There is an area graph under each drive summary that shows gain/loss/net in ft (US). What is that?

This shows the difference (vs. sea level) between your starting and ending locations. It is somewhat lossy due to sampling errors (i.e., a round trip drive may show an overall gain/loss). Supposedly this is because (for example), it might sample your trip start height after the car is in motion and thus miss the couple of feet of change as you deal with driveways.

I notice this often because my driveway and street have a 6' or so drop (plus I do a 3 point turn into a much steeper driveway when I visit family so on those trips I take a hit at that end too).