I Created a iOS scriptables widget

DrieStone 2 years ago updated by CMc 1 year ago 1

Thought I'd share a little project I've been working on. I've tried a variety of Tesla apps that add info to in a widget, but they're either expensive, or they disrupt the car's sleep. Since TeslaFi has an API, I used scriptable to build a widget that gives spits out details in a widget. 

The widget is available on Github, and I'll keep adding features to it as they make sense.

Added last night. Very good. Worth adding.

TeslaFi should look to officially support. 

Would love to see the battery cold alert icon (blue), unlocked icon red and locked as green. Couldn’t work out how to change it myself, however activated dark mode and changed the background to fully black for OLED. 

Thank you.