Model 3 won’t stay asleep. Is there a best sleep mode to set?

r3dd 2 years ago updated by EDIflyer 2 years ago 4

My car does sleep, but not for long. Is there a desired sleep mode setting that works best?  No other third party apps polling car. Is it coincidence that this just started happening after the latest software update?



Defaults work fine for me. Main things to check are that sentry mode and cabin overheat protection are off. I've also had issues with sleeping just before and after an update. For the latter I do a full reboot (with brake pedal too) as a matter of course now and that seems to help.


Defaults have worked in the past and still do for. Depending on your car you might be able to trim a few minutes off the wait for sleep time. Since this is already asleep you might get some idea from the Raw Data feed. I've noticed issues in past with Cabin Overheat waking the car long enough for temp to drop into 90s internally then go back to sleep. Just another thing to

I'm having this issue also on my Model 3 since the update to 2020.16.2.1. Idles for 45 minutes, then sleeps for about 10, repeatedly.

I am having the same experience. Sleep sessions are lasting 1-2 minutes. Previously the car woke up every 47 minutes almost on the dot. That said, phantom drain is lower today than before.