Add "What is my car status?" to the commands

kcdk99 2 years ago 0

TeslaFi is awesome and Alexa skill is working great so far! Thanks for such an awesome tool!

It would be nice to have a What is my Tesla/car status? command that provides a few of the top status items like state, battery level, range, and temperature all at once.

I see such a response being something like: "[Tesla] is currently [state] and has [#] [unit] of range available. Battery level is at [#] percent, and charge limit is set to [#] percent. The last recorded temperature was [#] degrees [unit] outside and [#] degrees [unit] inside."

If a complex response can't be added, I would request adding "What is my Tesla/car status?" to the commands for vehicle state, because that seems to be a common word to use.