Ask Alexa to unlock/lock my car

mkolowich 2 years ago updated by James 10 months ago 2

It would be incredibly useful to be able to unlock or lock my car with the command: "Alexa, ask Teslafi to unlock my car" or "...to lock my car."

It would also be useful to be able to pair this with time paramaters:


"...ask Teslafi to unlock my car for 10 minutes."

"...ask Teslafi to unlock my car until 9:15am."

Love the idea! Many times when I go into the garage to head to the office, I'm "held captive" waiting for the car to come to life and unlock. Being able to have Alexa unlock just before walking out would be amazing.


Unfortunately Amazon will only allow the car manufacturer to create a skill that enable locking/unlocking.  The first  version of the TeslaFi skill had this feature and Amazon requested it to be removed.