So, how do you add the skill to Alexa?

boaterva 2 years ago updated by James 1 year ago 18

Alexa doesn't know about the TeslaFi skill and doesn't answer to it.  Don't we have to add it to the list somehow ourselves?



Amazon should send you an invite email to install the development version of the skill.

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Amazon should send you an invite email to install the development version of the skill.

Good to know, haven't done dev skills before!

If you don't get it soon let me know.

FYI, no idea what normal is for this, but nothing yet.  I would have expected it overnight at least?

Still never got the email, worked fine using the URL!  Very weird...

Hi James is it possible to add me on beta?

when I say ask my car "alexa says no token specified" however I have tried renewing which appears succesful and alexa apps says successfully linked - any idea's?

Can I also be added to the Alexa beta?

Me too. :)  When I click the link it says I'm not enabled by dev.

works now.  Thanks!

Hi , 

when I click the link I got information that I have to use amazon.de and there the skill is not available , any idea how I can get it ?

Hi, have the same problem. How to install the skill for Alexa in Europe (Germany, Austria)?

Hi, same issue, I'm in France. I understand that the skill will only understand english, but amazon will not allow me to install it

I'd love to have the TeslaFi Alexa skill, but when I tried to add it, I get the following... "Your Amazon account does not have access to this Skills Beta Testing skill. Please contact the Skills Beta Testing administrator to gain access." I can't find any way to reach this "skills beta testing administrator.  Can anyone advise how to obtain this skill?  Thank you.

I had the skill and used it a few times over the last few weeks.  Today the skill is gone and not available in the Skills section?

Sorry for the delay.  The Alexa Skill was pulled by Amazon without notice for including the "Tesla" in the skill name.  I'm working on getting it resubmitted and should have it approved by next week.  Updates will posted on twitter and here https://about.teslafi.com/alexa/.