drives not logging any more with SW 2018.50.6

pjw65 11 months ago updated by Femo 6 months ago 4

Since 2018.50.6 on my AP1 Model S data logging is really bad. Lots of drives are missing.Because I had also problem with the app connecting my car, I think it is more a car SW problem. It seams not connect properly to the tesla server after waking up. 

Same here, last night i had a drive of over 10km and it was not at all logged.....even though in the raw data one can see, that the Odometer as changed....really weird....interesting enough my other App Tezlab has recognized the Trip....seems we have a bigger issue here with telafi !



You have your sleep settings to only poll once every 30 minutes.  That settings has a very high chance of missing things since it's only checking what the car is doing every 30 minutes.

Can you check what the raw data says during the time a missed drive occurred?  I'm missing a drive or a charge session!

Hello James....does that mean, that a 15min ride might not be seen at all .

And a drive which is 45 min might only be loged as a 15min drive ?